Davenport Staff Feature of the month

 “Well done good and faithful servant” ~Matthew 25:21

December Feature:

Tanika Dorathy


We are pleased to announce our
Employee Feature of the Month:
Tanika Dorathy

Tanika Dorathy is a Dining Services Aide and has enjoyed working at the Davenport Lutheran Home for nearly 5 years. She loves her job and helping care for the residents because THEY make it fun. She feels like she gained a whole different extended family with 50 grandparents, when she came to work here.

Tanika brings her three year old son, Conner William to visit with the residents regularly because they enjoy his visits and she believes it’s good for him to interact with them.
Tanika likes her coworkers, and her boss, and the food here is great. She enjoys helping the residents in the dining room at mealtime, and wants to make sure they enjoy their meals.

Tanika is a consistently happy person who is always ready to help. Thank you for your dedication to the well-being of DLH Residents, Tanika, you are a valuable asset to Dining Services.