Desirable Dining at the Vinton Lutheran Home

“Give us this day our daily bread…”  ~Matthew 6:11

At the Vinton Lutheran Home we strive to create an appealing atmosphere for those who dine with us. The dining room is thoroughly cleaned and fresh table cloths are put on after every meal. Our residents have different menu options at each dining experience and can mix and match from those items to create a meal desirable to their unique taste.

The Lutheran Home Campus has 3 dining rooms. One at the assisted living complex, one in the memory care, and one in the main nursing facility. Tenants living in our town homes, may also have meals delivered to them.

Justin Ealy (Dining Services Director) has a Culinary Arts degree and a passion for food. He enjoys making each meal look as appealing as it tastes. Justin has his own herb bunk at our facility and uses those herbs in many of the Lutheran Home dishes.


Dining Services Director, Justin Ealy, works in his herb bunk.



The Beverage Station

The presence of liquids in a person’s diet is extremely important (especially in the elderly). This is why our beverage station is open 24/7. Our residents, family members, and guests can access water, cranberry juice, orange juice, grape juice, and apple juice at any time. We also have hot beverages available including: coffee, hot cocoa, and cappuccino.dsc_9124





We boast an open breakfast menu which allows our residents to choose from a wide variety of breakfast foods. Hot breakfasts are served from 6:30am-8:30am and include but are not limited to: Eggs your way, toast, bacon, sausage, pancakes, french toast, and hot cereal. If a resident prefers to sleep in, cold breakfast options are available until 9:00am including: fruits, cold cerals, and sweet treats.


Biscuits and gravy are served as an additional open breakfast option on Monday and Thursday mornings.



Lunch & Supper

Lunch begins at 11:00am. Supper begins at 5:00pm. Our meals are served in the dining room, but room trays are offered if a resident does not feel like coming to the dining room to eat.


Breaded pork chops with stuffing and a vegetable medley is one of the many supper menu options.


FAQ regarding Dining Service

  • Can I eat meals with my loved one? Of course! $5.00 per person is requested per meal for our guests. Please stop at our reception desk right inside the front door to purchase a meal ticket. We also ask that you let our kitchen staff know at least 24 hours in advance if you will be dining with your loved one. We have an available guest table for every meal in the dining room, and also have availability to set up larger parties in a separate area.


  • Can I bring food in for my loved one to eat? You sure can! We do ask that you label the food with the name of the resident it’s for, and the date you brought it in. Our kitchen staff would be happy to store or refrigerate food for our residents and re-heat it for their meal.


  • Is my loved one getting all of the nutrients they need? Our Dining Services Director works directly with our Registered Dietician. Together they plan appealing meals that meet the state requirements for the appropriate vitamins and nutrients that your loved one needs. Daily food and liquid intake is charted on each of our residents so our staff know if they are getting the appropriate nutrition.

Dining Services Director, Justin Ealy, works with Charlene Vasey-Larson (Lutheran Home Registered Dietician) on menu planning.



  • Does my loved one get a menu of the meal’s options before coming out to dine? Yes. A weekly menu is provided to all of our residents stating what is available for each meal. Family members and guests are welcome to a copy of the menu as well. Weekly menus are always available at the information table across from the Administrator’s office.



  • What if my loved one doesn’t know what an item on the menu is? Can they see what it looks like before they order? Absolutely! A menu and a display plate for each menu choice is presented for each meal. Each meal’s menu options and display plates are placed right at the entrance of the dining room so our residents can look at the meal options before choosing what they want to order….As our dining services director always says: “You eat with your eyes first!



  • What if my loved one doesn’t like any of the options on the menu? Alternate options are always available.



  • Are snacks provided between meals? Yes. Snacks are offered between lunch and supper and after supper has been served.