July 10th Blog Post

The Davenport Lutheran Home Residents have been enjoying “Summer Camp” every week at DLH.  This past week at “camp” residents enjoyed rock painting.  Their finished products looked wonderful, and they were able to display their completed rocks indoors or out!

July 3rd Blog Post

The Davenport Lutheran Home hosted a Fundraising “Luau” last Friday evening, for the first time.  The event drew many residents and visitors for an authentic Hawaiian Meal, and all proceeds from the event will go toward life enhancements for the residents.  A wonderful night was had by all!

June 26th Blog Post

Summer Time and the living is easy!

Residents at the Vinton Lutheran Home spent time outdoors last week breathing in the beautiful summer weather.  “Giant Kerplunk” was played one afternoon under the canopy and enjoyed by all!

June 19th Blog Post

Father’s Day Celebrations at the Lutheran Home Communities were a huge success!  A steak Cook Out was served to the father’s (and their guests) at the Davenport Lutheran Home followed by banjo music entertainment!  Vinton fathers and their loved ones enjoyed a brisket and short ribs dinner with entertainment provided by guest speaker, Andrew Elwick, on the history of Vinton.


June 12th Blog Post

The residents at the Davenport Lutheran Home enjoyed a special visit this week from “Down by the Creek” animal rescue. Twelve rescue dogs and a hedgehog were brought in for the residents to interact with.  The story of how each animal was rescued was explained, and everyone in the audience was given ample time to pet and play with them.  Residents steered clear of the hedgehog, though, he was a bit too prickly 😉




June 5th Blog Post

Fun summer activities have been occurring at the Davenport and Vinton Lutheran Homes!

The beautiful weather this week allowed the Davenport Lutheran Home Residents to have a “wet t-shirt contest.” T-shirts were hung on a clothes line and the residents used squirt guns to wet the t-shirts.  Whichever individual got their t-shirt the wettest was the winner!

Vinton Lutheran Home residents had a special visit from preschool students this week!  Together, residents and students played bingo, snacked, and had a wonderful visit!!

May 22nd Blog Post


Last week was National Homes for the Aging week, one of the most entertaining weeks of the year in the Lutheran Home Communities.  This year’s theme for the week was: “Live Soulfully”.  Spirits soared as residents and staff enjoyed a week packed with good food, incredible activities, and LOTS of fun!!


Among many fun activities, Davenport staff and residents enjoyed kite flying, and a special visit from the 2nd graders at Trinity Lutheran School

Two of the fun activities Vinton residents and staff enjoyed this week included receiving massages/facials and playing a fun game of resident vs staff balloon volleyball.


May 15th Blog Post

The Mother’s Day Events at the Lutheran Home Communities were a great success!


The Davenport residents enjoyed a delicious Mother/Daughter brunch while guest speaker Donna Lanman gave a wonderful presentation on her handmade quilts.



The Vinton residents shared a Mother/Daughter supper with their loved ones while entertained by Meteorologist and Master Gardener, Eileen Loan.



May 1 Blog Post

More outdoor spring time happiness was achieved at the Vinton Lutheran Home this week.  Residents enjoyed creating bird feeders and hanging them outdoors on the trees.  Hopefully the birds will frequent the homemade feeders and residents and tenants can enjoy watching them outdoors!

April 24th Blog Post

In April we celebrated National Volunteer Week at the Davenport and Vinton Lutheran Homes.  We have so many wonderful volunteers who share their time, talents, and gifts to enhance the quality of the lives of our residents.  We are so blessed to have the amazing volunteers that we do, and were honored to provide our volunteers with a certificate, small gift, and light luncheon.  Thank you again, volunteers!!