Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I move now? I’m not ready.

Residents agree that it is clearly best to move while you are still in control. That way, you can consult with your family, but it’s still your decision. You pick the community of your choice. You determine where you feel most comfortable.

What kinds of services do you offer to allow me to remain in my home?

At the Lutheran home we want to accommodate your needs, and if that means finding a way to let you stay in your home, we will make it possible. Vinton’s Home Health Agency is Medicare (Skilled) certified. It provides an option for people of all ages who choose to remain in the comfort of their homes.

My parent seems content at home alone with a caregiver. Why should he/she move to the Lutheran Home?

Studies have clearly shown that isolation is not good for the elderly. As a member of a community of peers, residents take part in recreational and therapeutic activities that help stimulate the mind, spirit, and body – all within a safe, caring environment. We will help you monitor your parent’s health, and he or she can choose to participate in a number of readily available activities.

I’ve been living in my own house for so many years, how can I live in an Assisted Living Apartment?

It’s not easy. Most of our residents have had the same experience. But remember your new home is much more than just an apartment. You should consider the entire community to be your new home. You can receive guests anytime, anywhere, with more options to choose from than you likely ever had before.

Why should I consider moving to the Duplex Town Homes when I am still able to care for my home and myself?

The best time to consider moving to a retirement community is when you are feeling good about your life and can take advantage of all that a community has to offer. Most people put off the decision to move until it’s nearly too late – usually because of declining health. Most people regret not making the decision to move here sooner, because they enjoy the freedom, choices and security they’ve found in retirement community living.

I think it’s time for my mother to move to an elder care environment. How do I convince her that it’s the right thing to do?

We strongly recommend that you do a preliminary search, because you know your parent’s style and tastes. Once you have narrowed down the options, bring your parent to get acquainted with our community and to meet our staff and our current residents. Once your parent sees the quality of life, the spirit of caring, the variety of lifestyles available, and the fact that we will take care of all maintenance, housekeeping, and cooking, you may not have much “convincing” to do.

How do I know which level of care is best for me?

Choosing a level of care is based on the level of independence a senior is capable of. All of the Lutheran Home Communities offer Independent Living, Assisted Living and Nursing Care. Vinton also offers a Home Health Agency. Contact the Vinton or Davenport Lutheran Homes for more information on choosing a level of care specific to your needs.

How long will it take me to adjust?

We understand that for you, as for most of the residents we serve, there is a period of adjustment to your new surroundings and your new lifestyle. For some new residents this is a quick and effortless process. For others it can be more difficult. But all do successfully make the adjustment, embracing new friends and new circumstances. We do everything we can to ease the transition to your new home and environment.

Can I go out with friends and family whenever I want to?

Absolutely. You can go out shopping, to a movie, to dinner or anywhere you like whenever and with whomever you wish. Our only requirement is that you keep us informed.

What professional services are available?

Besides providing a comfortable living environment, an active social calendar, and healthcare services, we offer a full range of appropriate services:

  • Nursing care
  • Social Work
  • Chaplaincy program
  • Healthy diet option
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Hospice Care
  • Activity program

What kinds of recreational activities are available to residents?

Depending on the community you’re interested in, there are many social activities happening every day! A wide variety of activities are offered – community outings, musical entertainment, mind stimulating games, van rides, card clubs, and much more!

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