November 8th Blog Post

What do you look for when choosing a nursing home for your loved one?

We all know it’s not easy to make the decision to move your loved one to a nursing home, but sometimes it is necessary.  Whether moving them to a nursing facility for long term care, or just for a skilled care stay, what aspects are most important in choosing a facility?

The Lutheran Home Communities in Vinton and Davenport take pride in “Providing Quality Christian Care.” Our communities are more than just care facilities, they are homes for each elderly individual that resides within them.  We offer a continuum of care, meaning our communities can provide the appropriate level of care for your elderly loved one, no matter what stage of life he/she is in.

The Lutheran Home Communities also take pride in the scratch made, not-your-ordinary-nursing home- food they serve and the more-than-just-bingo, activities they provide to the residents on an everyday basis.


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